Steven Levine
Steven Levine
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In case you haven’t noticed, this site is finally looking a bit more, dare I say, “professional”. All it took was a little bit of time, and some minor *nix commands. Since this site is based on the latest version of Wordpress (2.5.1) , it provides a lot of usefulness out of the box when dealing with the overall layout of the site, the layout of the widgets, and ease of plugin configuration. Wordpress is a brilliant piece of software.

The first and most obvious thing to tackle first is the look and feel of the site. The original theme that was used wasn’t really cutting it any more. A cleaner and more professional looking theme needed to be found. After quite a bit of searching through the theme repositories, found a theme called spotlight, which definitely meets the requirements of looking professional and clean.

The next improvements were made with the addition of some nice plugins. These plugins are:

  • Configurable Tag Cloud - Cool plugin/widget that allows you to really customize the look and feel of the Tag Cloud. Tons better than the default Tag Cloud widget that comes with Wordpress.
  • MyTwitter - Nice plugin that displays your current Twitter updates, and allows you to post updates as well via the configuration page.
  • SyntaxHighlighter
    • A plugin that allows you to post code for nearly every programming language, and renders it in a very clean and usable fashion. Originally noticed the nice looking code on DZone.

These are the few plugins installed on this site. There are tons more out there. If you have any personal favorites, please let me know.