Steve is currently working at Google Cloud and is a delivery focused Hands-on Architect (Big Data, Cloud, Java, and Scala) capable of architecting, developing, and leading the delivery of pragmatic, on time, on budget, customer focused solutions. He enjoy’s solving high level problems like deciding enterprise architectures and standards, cloud providers, choosing vendors. As well as solving low level problems like choosing programming languages, frameworks, design patterns, development methodologies, among others. Once the big picture has been mapped out, he really like to sit down and be a key part of its implementation. To learn more read about his background.


  • Big Data technologies like Spark, Beam, BigQuery, PubSub, Kafka, Kinesis, Dataproc, EMR, Cassandra, Redshift, among others
  • Scala technologies like Akka, Futures, Spray, Play, Streams, Activator, SBT, among others
  • Java technologies like Java 8, Javaslang, jOOX, Spring, Hibernate, JBoss, Tomcat, Maven, etc…
  • Migrating imperative style Java code to Functional style Scala or Java code
  • Architecting and implementing Reactive and Highly Scalable RESTFul services of Internet scale
  • Deploying solutions to cloud services like Amazon AWS, Cloud Foundry, and Openstack
  • Building highly concurrent message based systems that leverage PubSub, Kafka, RabbitMQ or Kinesis
  • Modernizing legacy code to the latest and greatest frameworks, platforms, and best practices
  • Building Continuous Integration/Delivery environments with tools like Kubernets, CloudBuild, and Jenkins
  • Getting development and production Linux environments ready for application deployments
  • Leading or being part of both remote (geographically distributed) and local Agile (Scrum) teams

If you have any feedback about this site or think Steve can help you on your next/current project, please feel free to correspond via email.