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Here is a list of the main topics of discussion during the Java One Keynote Address:

Java + You

  • All about you, and the services you want.
  • They want a simple, intuitive, and compelling experience.
  • Consumers drive innovation. (Travel, Shopping, Banking)
  • Simple, intuitive, and compelling environment.
  • The experience has to be consistent across all the “screens” of our lives
    • Browser, Desktop, Mobile, TV, future devices
  • Java + You
  • “RIA Revolution”
  • Great user experience merging information from all the different services of your life
    • “Services are the rocket fuel for RIA’s”

Ian Freed, VP Kindle, Amazon

  • Spoke about how Kindle is cool technology.
  • Got a demo of the new kindle.
  • Showing how you can buy a book in real time since the new Kindle will be 3G.

Rikko Sakaguchi Senior VP Sony Ericsson

  • Grown 4x’s in the past four years.
  • Young company trying to energize
  • Create devices that appeal to the human senses.
  • The second part of their objective is to show how seamless their products feel.
  • Showing a video

People define the experience

  • RIA (Rich Internet Application)
  • Great User Experience
  • Merges information from different services
  • Across all screen’s of our lives

Java FX

  • Family of Java Products
  • Runs on all the “screens” of your life
  • It is not just a run time, also packaged with developer and designer tools
  • Built on top of Java ME and Java SE
  • One common platform
  • Blurs the browser and desktop line

Java FX Demo’s

  • Connected Life RIA
    • Merges Chat, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Email
    • Embedded in a browser via the new Java Plug In
    • App is written in Java FX
    • “Unifies all the threads of your life in to one application”
    • Demo dragging widget from browser to desktop
  • Flocking Flickr Pictures
    • Typed in a search criteria and any all the pictures with that tag began to flock in real time in 3d
    • Visually Impressive, nothing like the current Java
  • 3d HD Movie demo
    • Showed 200 movie trailers playing concurrently with sound
    • Ability to drill down and watch a trailer

Facts about Java FX

  • There are over 2.2 Billion Java ME devices
  • Java FX mobile will run on all ME devices
  • Runs on Google Android platform as well
  • One run time, one interfaces across ME and SE
  • Backwards compatible with ME
  • Connecting developers and Designers
  • Road Map
    • Java SE 6u10 beta 25 aka “Consumer JRE” released
    • JavaFX Desktop SDK Early Access Program July 08
    • Java FX Desktop 1.0 Fall 08
    • Java FX Mobile and TV 1.0 Spring 09
  • More Info Available