Steven Levine
Steven Levine
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Official release notes.

If you think about it it makes perfect sense for them. To them Java is no different than Flash, just a GUI platform. How many killer Java applications are there out there (besides Java IDE’s) ? Add to the fact that SunOracle is probably twisting their arm for more licensing money.

Thus, it makes perfect sense for them, why would they want to waste their resources implementing a JVM that is required by only a few applications especially when they are trying to boot strap their “App Store”? Supporting Java developers working on server software is not part of their business model.

But… This is not bad for Java developers (although lots of Java developers are showing the Apple hate right now), because the Apple JVM was never up to date, and always behind the “real” JDK implementation. Remember the Eclipse 64 bit fiasco?

My hopes moving forward is that the community comes together to come up with a completely open source version of the JVM for BSD/Mac. There are already two really good starting points, SoyLatte and OpenJDK. It would be great if Apple were to open source their JVM code base (although this is not likely due to SunOracle Licensing), can still hope.

Bottom line, if you are a Java developer you do not have to start migrating away from OS X, everything will be fine – just give it a bit of time.

Just my thoughts.