Steve’s career started at Prudential where he had the opportunity to work side by side with a top Java consultant from Sun Microsystems for over a year. This all happened long before Java was considered a mainstream language. Shortly after the successful completion of that project Steve used his newly found Java skills as a foundation to jump start his career.

His next endeavor was working at a Web Startup called USWeb/CKS whose mission was to webify the world. While there Steve helped a major retail chain launch their first ever e-commerce site. He also worked on a software system that helped a small Tribeca based film company called The Shooting Gallery make movies more efficiently.

After experiencing the highs and lows of the startup life, he decided to focus on delivering high throughput low latency systems in the Financial space at companies such as Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse. In between his projects at the Financials, Steve spent time in the Media space as well working at Conde Nast scaling out and He also worked at Comcast Interactive Media on and the first beta version of the Comcast XFinity iPad application.

While not cranking away on his MacBook Pro, Steve enjoys the sport of Cycling especially during the month of July when the Tour de France is under way. During the pandemic he became an avid Zwifter. When not on Zwift, he enjoys long rides in New Jersey as well as participating in Gran Fondo’s as well as Charity Rides. His weapon of choice is a Specialized Roubaix.