Going Functional with Scala

Lately it seems like functional programming has been the talk of the town, the new (old) paradigm that is making a comeback in a major way. For a while, I resisted the urge to follow the paradigm de jour, being the hard core OO guy that I am, but now it is clear to me that it is more than just hype. There are many reasons functional programming makes sense as a paradigm for developing software today, but the one that I am most interested in is the fact that it handles concurrency so well, thus providing us the building blocks to develop extremely scalable applications.

3 min read

New Webkit Feature

Just noticed a new and important feature released with the latest nighty build of Webkit, namely, an option to check for updates automatically. Mozilla has had this feature in their browsers for a long time, and it was hard not having it available in Webkit. Just got used to downloading a new version every so often.

~1 min read

Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you want to learn all of the keyboard shortcuts to your favorite Java IDE, but just don’t have time to study a cheat sheet? Are you envious of your team lead because when you peer program with them, they are able to get things done without using the mouse?

1 min read