New Webkit Feature

Just noticed a new and important feature released with the latest nighty build of Webkit, namely, an option to check for updates automatically. Mozilla has had this feature in their browsers for a long time, and it was hard not having it available in Webkit. Just got used to downloading a new version every so often.

~1 min read

Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you want to learn all of the keyboard shortcuts to your favorite Java IDE, but just don’t have time to study a cheat sheet? Are you envious of your team lead because when you peer program with them, they are able to get things done without using the mouse?

1 min read

Simple Security for HTTP Based RESTful Services (Part 1)

This is going to be the first in a series of posts discussing potential ways of securing bi-directional RESTful based HTTP services. For this series we are going to make the requirements quite simple, namely, “secure” simply means the caller of the service is authorized to invoke it. Lets assume that this solution is being deployed along with a simple IP addresses restriction mechanism. Since IP address’s can easily be spoofed, this solution is the next level of defense to ensure the identity of the caller.

3 min read

A little Salt with that Hash?

Was just presented with a unique (to me) requirement which is to implement a single sign on across multiple domains within the same page via a cookie. Huh? Let me elaborate, in simple terms it means that there is a base site, lets call it, and then there is a partner site, lets call it On’s main page we want to be able to iFrame in with the credentials of the current user logged in to transparently sent over and in turn logged in to as well.

3 min read