iPhone 3.0 upgrade from beta 5 to final

For the past few months, I have been running the iPhone OS 3.0 betas on my iPhone without too many issues. Thus I assumed that when the final version of OS 3 was released, it would be easy to upgrade to it. This has not been the case. The current beta on my iPhone was beta 5, and then yesterday when the final version was announced, I assumed after a simple plug in to iTunes, I would be upgraded to the released version. Nope, iTunes kept telling me that I have the latest version of iPhone OS 3. It seems as though it is not checking the build number, only the OS level. The next thing I tried was doing a restore, this didn’t work either because it gave me an error saying it could not connect to the site to download the file.

1 min read

Easy Upgrades

Who doesn’t like easy upgrades? Easy upgrades are great when implemented correctly. There are two speciifiic easy upgrades I have been (enjoying) using recently, namely, Wordpress and Ubuntu Server.

2 min read

Going Functional with Scala

Lately it seems like functional programming has been the talk of the town, the new (old) paradigm that is making a comeback in a major way. For a while, I resisted the urge to follow the paradigm de jour, being the hard core OO guy that I am, but now it is clear to me that it is more than just hype. There are many reasons functional programming makes sense as a paradigm for developing software today, but the one that I am most interested in is the fact that it handles concurrency so well, thus providing us the building blocks to develop extremely scalable applications.

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