RubyMine 2 Debugging Issue Resolved

If you are trying to debug Ruby code in RubyMine 2 IDE, but are having difficulties such as, the IDE freezes after you try to step in, step over, or step next and are wondering if your configuration is wrong? It is not, if you happen to have installed the ruby-debug-ide19 gem from the command line (not from IDE), you need to patch the actual gem code to get things working nicely.

~1 min read

With Grape, Groovy Is On Par with Native Scripting Languages

If you haven’t heard, the latest version of Groovy was released this week and included with it, among many other great features, was Grape (Groovy Advanced Packaging Engine). Grape is an annotation based dependency management system that provides functionality similar to that of Maven and Ivy with one clear advantage, namely, no build file.

4 min read

Time Machine over a Network Drive

This post describes the steps involved when setting up Time Machine to backup to a Network Drive. These steps are only required if you want to back up to a device other than a Time Capsule. It is pretty quick and easy, so without further due, lets get started.

1 min read

Scala Sugar - Lists

If I want to become a real Scala Ninja, I am going to have change the way I think about coding. For the past 10 years I have been programming primarily using the object oriented paradigm. Although Scala supports pure object oriented programming, it is my desire to learn to program in Scala in a complete functional paradigm.

2 min read