First Thoughts On My New Eee Pc (1005PE)

So far, so good with my new Eee PC (1005PE) Netbook. The machine came pre-installed with Win 7 Starter edition, so the first task for me to do was to get rid of Windows 7 and install Ubuntu Netbook on it. So I downloaded the Ubuntu Netbook 10.04 daily build image (yes, I am daring), and was on my way.

2 min read

RubyMine 2 Debugging Issue Resolved

If you are trying to debug Ruby code in RubyMine 2 IDE, but are having difficulties such as, the IDE freezes after you try to step in, step over, or step next and are wondering if your configuration is wrong? It is not, if you happen to have installed the ruby-debug-ide19 gem from the command line (not from IDE), you need to patch the actual gem code to get things working nicely.

~1 min read